Elder Wekonda, the visionary founder of Wekonda Holdings Ltd, always had an unyielding spirit of innovation. An ex-Google and Meta database architect and backend developer, his journey started in the hustle of Silicon Valley, where he built a formidable reputation as a problem-solver who thrived on challenge and complexity. His stints at these tech giants fostered a passion for creating robust, scalable software solutions that could handle high-volume transactions with ease.

In 2020, he decided to take a bold leap, leaving the comfort of the corporate world to establish Wekonda Holdings Ltd. Based out of Cyprus, the company initially started as a one-man operation, with Elder handling all aspects of the business, from developing software solutions to client relationship management.

Despite starting in a competitive field during a challenging economic climate, Elder’s determination and prowess began attracting clients who recognized the brilliance in his work. His knack for developing end-to-end software solutions that streamlined complex business processes, coupled with his commitment to excellent customer service, set Wekonda apart from its competitors.

With the business growing, Elder realized the need for a skilled team that shared his commitment to delivering top-notch software solutions. Thus, he began the task of handpicking a team of professionals who shared his vision, skills, and dedication. The team grew steadily from one to thirty full-time employees. He ensured that each new recruit, regardless of their role, understood the company’s ethos – putting the client’s needs first and delivering tailored solutions that not only met their current requirements but could also adapt to future market trends.

Wekonda’s growth was exponential. Today, the company operates consultancy branches across South Africa, India, Pakistan, and Australia. This widespread presence allows the firm to tap into global talent and provide culturally nuanced solutions to a diverse clientele.

Elder Wekonda’s inspiring journey from being a software engineer at tech giants to the founder of a global software solution company embodies determination, innovation, and a firm belief in delivering nothing but the best. As Wekonda Holdings Ltd continues to expand, Elder’s vision of empowering businesses with superior technology remains its driving force.